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Hunit Stackz is an up-and-coming rapper based in Baltimore, MD. Not too long ago, he released a celebratory rap tune, entitled, “Mega Million”, produced by DJ Chopp-A-Lot.

‘Mega Million’ tells a fictional tale of a young guy who wins the mega millions jackpot lottery.

Apparently, he used to worry about bill collectors, his food stamps balance, and other poverty-related issues. Now, he wants to spend his winnings on freeing his friends from behind bars, buying his mother a home, and his grandmother a car. Also, he has enough money to buy himself a luxury home with a pool outside and a recording studio inside. Plus, he wants to send his children to a good school with air-conditioning.

‘Mega Million’ expounds on the common ideology: “If only I could win the lottery, life would be great.”

The likable tune takes listeners on a musical journey through the life and times of everyone who has ever struggled for a better life.

We recommended adding Hunit Stackz’s “Mega Million” single to your personal playlist.