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Rapper Hunit Stackz has done something that even this somewhat “jaded” music writer has never thought of before.  He has taken his love of hip-hop music and mixed it together with state of the art anime to produce the Saiyan Music Regime, something that he is the CEO of with producer and co-founder Ace Boogie.  After being in the industry for a decade, with some pretty great accolades, Hunit Stackz has just released his most artistic effort yet called “The Black Saiyan Saga”, which he promotes as the first ever DBZ rap album.

This is a fantastic combination of how one can really adapt themselves in the music and art world, and Hunit Stackz has done that very well with his latest effort.  The Black Saiyan Saga follows him on a personal journey to tackle the issues within the hip-hop community, which blends very well on the flipside with the music he has produced for this project.  The unique vision he has is something reminiscent of what Gorillaz did back in the 2000’s, and something that is truly needed in music today as a fresh take on a somewhat stale industry.