Hunit Stackz

Thanks to his entertaining lyrics and a groundbreaking mixture of anime and hip hop cultures, Hunit Stackz has emerged as an artist perfectly suited for the modern media world.

Growing up in Baltimore MD, he learned how to express the struggles of growing up in a dangerous world from an early age, giving him the authentic perspective that his listeners have come to love.

Though he has been releasing a steady stream of music for years, he has recently re-emerged as an underground sensation, with the single ‘iTachi’ along with protege DTX (formerly Detox The Kid) racking up huge streaming numbers and becoming increasingly popular on TikTok. With this groundbreaking new genre winning praise from fans and critics alike, it’s only a matter of time until Hunit Stackz takes his rightful place at the top of the hip hop world.

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Rapper Hunit Stackz has done something that even this somewhat “jaded” music writer has never thought of before.

A Baltimore rap artist, honors the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, as he is overwhelmed with the tragedy.

This album is some serious boxing entrance music. Synth brass, synth strings, and synth choir over 808s combined magnificently!

The likable tune takes listeners on a musical journey through the life and times of everyone who has ever struggled for a better life.

A recent track has led to industry buzz as well as a shout out from Christopher “Kid” Reid who showed the track some love on Twitter.


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